Hands Off My Crane

Hands Off My Crane

  25 May 2023

Brady Corporation has launched the new Pendant Control Safety Cover, an innovative Lockout/Tagout solution that enables complete access control to crane and hoist pendant buttons for increased worker safety.

Increased worker safety

The new Pendant Control Safety Cover can completely cover a wide range of crane or hoist pendant controls to prevent anyone from pressing any pendant buttons before removing up to 4 padlocks. Padlock keys can be held by supervisors or workers operating outside crane operator view to avoid undesired use of the crane or hoist. Accidents and severe injuries resulting from collisions with hooks or crane cargo can be avoided, and worker safety can be increased with the Pendant Control Safety Cover.

Easy and practical to use

The Pendant Control Safety Cover is a practical, extendable tool that fits all pendant controls ranging from 10 to 45 cm in length. It can be applied like any bag and includes a flexible locking cinch for a snug fit around a variety of pendant cables. Because it has 4 interconnected rigid sides, it can be folded flat for easier transport or carrying.

Detailed product information and a guide on Lockout/Tagout are available on the Brady website or via emea_request@bradycorp.com

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